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10 Ways Your Cat Is Plotting To Overtake The World

Is Your Cat Plotting To Overtake The World?

Below is a video of 9 reasons your cats are plotting to overtake the world. It’s a great video, however, they forgot to tell you the number one reason, which if after you watch the video and want to find out, you can go to the next page to find out the number one reason your cats may be plotting to overtake the world:

The List Of Cat World Domination is:

10. When you enter a room, the cats stop talking.

9. The cats watch you all the time.

8. They whisper secret passwords to each other in their ears.

7. They draw maps in the sand, then destroy the evidence.

6. Newspapers come mysteriously to your door, for the cats.

5. The cats steal your office chair.

4. The cat will get back up to watch his back.

3. They know the best places to hide.

2. They set booby traps for you in the middle of the night.

Watch the video below to see the cats in action

to find the number one reason, click next


What does your cat have to say about this?

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