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13 Before And After Pics Of Kittens To Cats

Check Out Before And After Pictures Of These Cats

When They Were Kittens and Now–When They Are Cats

Kittens grow up quickly, and while they are kittens they are so adorable. They quickly learn what you are all about. Here are 13 pictures of kittens to cats and how adorable they all are. I think what makes these cats so adorable is their mystique, their beauty and their striking uniqueness. No one cat is ever the same, even all black cats.

Every cat has it’s own distinctive markings, just like every person has their own unique set of finger prints. Each cat has their own personality too. I’ve never met the same cat twice and they can vary in personality greatly. Some cats are vocal and love to talk, while others hardly say a peep and love to hide. There are many variations in between this as well, just like there are variations in colors of the world.

One thing never varies when it comes to cats. They need to be loved by you. They deserve to be treated with respect and with kindness. Simple things like making sure they have good food and fresh water are essential. Then it’s important to keep a clean litter box. Always take your cat to the local vet if he or she is sick. It usually doesn’t cost that much. And learn the traits of your cat, how he or she behaves when he or she is healthy.

If possible, to the best of your ability, keep you cat away from toxins both inside the house and outside. For example, if you recently sprayed an area with wasp killer or bug spray, keep your cat away. And allow your cat to be a cat. For example, make sure he or she has a cat scratcher so he or she can sharpen his or her nails.

Personally, I do not believe in declawing cats. Cats are made to have claws, so let them have their claws. If you spend a little time training them, you can train them to scratch only where you want them to scratch. If you rub lemon juice on an area that you do not want them to scratch, that usually does it and lemon juice will not hurt your furniture or the cats.

Check out the pictures below and press next to see all of the pictures.

1. “2 years later and they still cuddle together.” Once cats are bonded to each other, they will usually always be bonded, same goes for you.

2. “My little rescue three years later.┬áThen and Now” He needed me then, and he still needs me now, except I also need him too now.


3. “Then and Now – Unbearably cute!” Funny how he still loves hugging his teddy bear.


4. “Link in the Sink- Then and Now” Cats are creatures of habit. When they find a place that makes them comfortable, and if you let them, they will go there again and again no matter what.


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