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16 Before And After Pics Of People And Their Cats

Before And After Pictures Of People And Their Cats

It’s amazing how time flies, both for us and our pets. This page shows before and after pictures of people and their cats. It truly is a journey of love, that happens over time. Cats are very faithful creatures towards the people they love. Most cats will want to greet you when you come into and out of their presence. Most cats want to be with you and want to snuggle up to you. Most people love to hear their cats purr; it’s actually therapeutic.

Although not all cats love to be petted, the majority of them do. It’s also important to groom your cats by brushing them, and make sure they have good cat food. It’s very important to change their kitty litter daily, if you can. Some cats can actually be trained to use the toilets, even if they are older and you never started this when they were a kitten. But some cats won’t like it.

Take a look at these before and after pictures and leave me a comment if you like.

1. “On the first day of 6th grade my brother got Mittens, here they are 17 years later.” It’s interesting to see both pictures of how they’ve grown.


2. My favorite spot, and it still is. I love sleeping here and I always come back here, even six years later.


3. “Toby still loves his bed, four years later” Now Toby fills his whole bed. His scent is on it and he knows it’s his. He snuggles here and no one can wake him up until he’s had his nap.


4. “This is Julio (45 days old and now, 8 years later). He is the sweetest cat of the universe” Julio loves snuggling up to me and he plays with his toys. He likes catnip and a few favorite treats. I absolutely adore him.


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