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2 Cats Found In River

2 Cats Found In River

This is a story about a couple fishermen with good hearts versus some mysterious person(s) who has an evil heart, leaving 2 little kittens to fend for themselves on a small deserted island.

This is also a story of two cats saving themselves. They both swam to the boat. Most kittens don’t like to swim that far, but both kittens swam to the boat. Thank God they met two good fishermen with good hearts to rescue these kittens.

Thank God these two little kittens didn’t meet up with their original owners, who would have probably drowned them on the spot. I absolutely cannot stand people like that. Instead, these two little kittens found some fishermen who found a good homes for them. Somebody took both of them. One is named Warrior and one is named River.

And if by chance one of the people who left the kittens are reading this blog, please never do this again. Little kittens have big hearts and want to live. You can easily find new homes for the kittens with a little effort. Ask around. Ask people you know if they know someone who wants a cat. Do something on behalf of the kittens. Don’t just leave them stranded. Please stop this behavior now.

Watch the video below to see the fishermen fish out the cats.







What does your cat have to say about this?

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