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20 Year Old Cat Saves 64 Year Old Woman

20 Year Old Cat Saves 64 Year Old Woman

Can you believe this cat is 20 years old? Well he is and he saved his 64 year old companion named Sue. Sue and her cat Tom have been living together for the past 20 years. Tom is an aloof cat and usually stays pretty well to himself, except for the odd pet here and there. Sue said “Tom has never been a very loving cat, he doesn’t come to me for cuddles very often.”

One day, Tom kept patting Sue on the shoulder, over and over and over again. Sue was wondering what in the world was going on? Why was Tom acting so strange? Sue thought that her cat was behaving very strangely when Tom used his paw to kept tapping on the back of her neck and meowed loudly while doing so.

Tom was doing this so much that Sue took her cat to the vet. She told the vet that Tom was acting very strange and that she thought that there might be something wrong with Tom.

Sue was relieved to find out that Tom was in perfect health. Even older cats can be in perfect health and Sue was so happy that Tom was one of them. She wanted Tom to live for another 20 years if that were possible.

Sue McKenzie and her feline, Tom, have been friends for the last 20 years. His “aloof personality” is what she adored the most, and ultimately it’s what protected her life.

According to the Huffington Post, when Tom randomly started to pat Sue on the back of the neck, she initially suspected that something was wrong… with him. The vet was the one that actually was in tune with Tom and told Sue that Tom was trying to tell her something about her right shoulder.

Before Sue took Tom to the vet, Tom was relentless. He kept patting Sue’s shoulder for about two weeks and meowing very loudly. It was getting to be annoying for Sue, meanwhile she never realized he was doing that for her own benefit. Tom knew there was something wrong.

Finally, Sue took the vet’s advice and decided to feel it for herself. When she touched her shoulder, she noticed that there’s a lump.

Later, Sue realized that the lump happened to be stage 3 Hodgkins’ Lymphoma.

“As soon as I went to the hospital Tom just stopped tapping me and I said to him, ‘I’ve been and had it looked at so you can leave me alone now.’ I had always thought animals had a sixth sense for these sort of things.”

Thanks to Tom’s keen awareness, Sue was able to have the lump removed on time, and after six rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors were able to give her the all clear signal.

Later Sue mentioned, “I had noticed something a few weeks before and hadn’t thought anything about it. I had suffered from gland problems when I was youngster and thought it was linked to this.

“But Tom’s strange behavior made me think twice about it and I was worried it was more serious.

“I was actually going to the doctors for something else but I showed him the lump during the appointment and I was fast-tracked to the hospital where I was eventually diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“The doctor did say to me, if your cat has been doing that for two weeks then why didn’t you come sooner?

Funny how we don’t listen to our cats.  After all, how is a cat suppose to know I have a problem?

“When I got to the hospital they told me it had reached stage three. Obviously it would had been a lot smaller if they had found it earlier

 Recollecting about her cat Tom, Sue remembered  “Tom was just a stray that turned up on my doorstep.

“My husband said don’t let him in, but I couldn’t leave him out in the rain. I let him in, fed him a tin of corned beef and he’s been here ever since.”

Sue said: “I have to go back for a course of injections for the next couple of years to ensure that the cancer remains gone but so far everything is fine.

“I suppose it is all thanks to Tom; my cat Tom saved my life! I would not have bothered to go to the doctors if it weren’t for Tom. Thank you, Tom!

Source: Huffington Post



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