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5 Ways To Have More Time With Your Cat

5 Time Saving Hacks To Have More Cuddle Time With Your Cat

There is nothing like sitting down comfortably with your beautiful loving cat purring quietly on your lap. Then your cat wants you to feed him. Then he wants you to play with him. Then he needs you to clean out his cat litter box. After all, cats like clean litter boxes and that is important.

Soon after that, your cat wants to be on your lap again, soaking in all of your love. The only problem is, you have to get back to the office, or you have to mow the lawn, or you have to get groceries. Your cat doesn’t seem to understand that you only have so many free hours in the day. It’s amazing how much your cat wants you to be around. Cats seems to be very territorial, and that includes you and your time.

Below is an article written by Heather Marcoux, which I have added comments to. This will give you some tips on how to save time, so that you can have more cuddle time with your cats. 

5 Time Hacks To Save Time With Your Cat

I love my cats and usually don’t mind giving my kitties the attention they deserve (and demand), but sometimes caring for my Ghost Cat and her younger sidekick Specter can be a bit of a time suck. They both seem to know just when to take up residence on my legs — and it’s usually when I’m either just about to leave the house, or just about to get out of bed. Here are my top eight tips for hacking more time out of your cat-loving life.

1. Say No To Sink Sleeping

“Good morning. Would you like to brush your teeth? Too bad, I’m in here and you can’t make me move!”

Have you ever pleaded with a cat to get out of the sink so that you could brush your teeth? I have (more times than I would like to admit). The bathroom sink used to be one of Ghost Cat’s favorite early morning sleeping places, and arguing with her about why she needed to move took up way too much of my getting ready time. That’s why I now make sure the bathroom door is closed all night long — so she can’t sneak in there before me to occupy the sink.

Edited by Alexandra: But if you just turn the cold water on a little bit, most cats will immediately jump out.

The first few times the cat may get a little wet, but by the third or fourth time of doing this, just when you start to reach for the tap, he or she will jump out. Then all you have to do is brush your teeth and rinse out the sink, cat hair and all.

2. Mealtime Organization

Now all the food is in one place. I know where to find it, and so do they.

When my cats are hungry they make no bones about it. The meow at the top of their little lungs in the most annoying way possible. That’s why it’s important that I get their food in the dish as quickly as possible. I use an automatic feeder for their dry food, but I also give them wet food, and for some reason it always seemed to take up more time. First I had to look all over the kitchen to find their bowls (which never seemed to be in the same place) and then I had to find the cans of cat food. Sometimes they were on top of the fridge, other times they were in a cupboard, or a drawer. By the time I’d found some cod stew for my poor babies they were practically expiring from hunger. We save time now by keeping all the cats food products in our kitchen island. Wet food, dry food, treats, and even toys live in one drawer — and I love it.

Edited by Alexandra: I totally agree with this time saving idea. When cats are really hungry, they are really hungry. It seems like cats will wait until they are ravished before they need their food. Some cats want to eat wet cat food all of the time, and may meow for it just because they want it. But other cats, who wait until they are hungry, will be very hungry and want it now.

Cats live in the now. They don’t say to themselves, “I’ll let her know I want cat food and in one hour she will give me some.” One of the greatest things about cats is how present they are. They live in the now and we as humans can learn from them about this and be more present, just like the cats are!

3. Cover Up for Cuddle Time

If I keep my coat on, I can cuddle up to Ghost Cat without wearing her fur on my work clothes.

Nothing feeds into the crazy-cat-lady cliche quite as much as an outfit covered in kitty hair, so I do everything in my power to make sure that I’m not walking around in the world covered in Ghost Cat’s discarded fur. When I adopted Ghost Cat I would run home from work on my lunch break for midday cuddle sessions, but I was always wasting the few precious minutes of my break attacking myself with a lint roller (and inevitable missing a spot or two). Eventually, I solved this problem by simply not taking off my coat when I got home. That way, Ghosty could climb all over me and my office clothes stayed fur-fee underneath. Of course, this works only in the winter. In the summer, I’ve found the best strategy is to cover up with a lightweight housecoat as soon as I get home. This way, Ghost Cat gets all her cuddles without leaving her DNA all over my blouses.

Edited by Alexandra: Wow, this is a great idea. My cat Fraser-heart is a long haired orange tabby that sheds MORE than my Siberian Huskey dog. And every time I wear black pants, he rubs up on my legs and I have white cat hair everywhere.

I have a few lint brushes, but it takes time to get them out of the cupboard, use them and put the away, not to mention Fraser-heart rubs on my pant legs again.

So this idea is ingenious. I wish I would have thought about doing that before.

4. Make Some Kitty Doors

Before we installed this cat door I spent a big chunk of my day letting Ghost Cat in and out.

When my husband and I moved into our house, we quickly realized Ghost Cat’s favorite place in the house was the sunroom. She would stand by the back door and pleadingly meow until one of us got up from whatever we were doing to open the door for her. Then, five minutes later she would be whining to come in. I estimate that I probably spent at least an hour every day escorting Ghost Cat in and out of the sunroom. Eventually, my husband had enough of us being Ghosty’s doormen, and he made her a special cat door so she can come in and out as she pleases.

Edited by Alexandra. I love cat doors. I wish I had more of them. It’s funny you mention that your husband got tired of being Ghosty’s doorman. It’s amazing how our cats train us, instead of us training them.

Fraser-heart is trained to come with a whistle call. When I was training my Siberian Huskey dog to come to me by a whistle, I noticed that my cat would come. Of course I would praise my cat and say what a good kitty he was. Fraser-heart is both an inside cat and an outside cat as we lived in a rural area in British Columbia Canada.

Now Fraser-heart always comes with a whistle, that I call a cat-call. Neighbors seem to be amazed that my cat comes to me through a whistle, but he does.



5. Get Secondhand Water Glasses

I could spend an hour trying to tempt Ghosty into drinking from her bowl, or I could just leave my own water glass out.

This hack really, really irritates my husband, but I think it’s good for my kitties, so I keep doing it. You see, my cats aren’t big water drinkers, and they have to be coaxed into drinking water. I’ve tried all kinds of things, including adding water to wet food and using robot fish to tempt them. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to set up their fish bowl or muck around with their food. On days when time is tight, I just do like the little girl from that movie, Signs, and leave my half-empty water glasses around before leaving the house. I don’t know why, but my kitties are far more likely to drink from a water glass I’ve been using them to sip from their own dish (plus, I save extra time by not putting my dishes in the dishwasher).

Edited by Alexandra; Anything that is yours, is the cats! (at least is seems to be the motto of my cat). So it stands to reason that if the water glass is yours, the cats will want it too. So that is a really great way to get them to drink more water. Good kitty. And can you clean up the glass after you are done with it?



Source: About the author: Heather Marcoux is a freelance writer in Alberta, Canada. Her beloved Ghost Cat was once her only animal, but Specter the kitten,GhostBuster the Lab and her newest dog, Marshmallow, make her fur family complete. Heather is also a wife, a bad cook and a former TV journalist. Some of her friends have hidden her feed because of an excess of cat pictures. If you don’t mind cat pictures, you can follow her on Twitter; she also posts pet GIFs on Google +

Alexandra Makonin is a freelance writer in British Columbia, Canada. She has a beautiful orange tabby, named Fraser-heart, that she rescued as a tiny kitten off of a long bridge that goes across the Fraser River. Now Fraser-Heart is 22 lbs.


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