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9 Girls With 9 Cats With 9 Lives

9 Girls With Their Cats They Love And The Pictures To Prove It

Girls and their cats are a sacred thing. There is simply no relationship quite like it and there never will be. Cats have a place in girls’ hearts that only they can fill. Whether they are brown, orange, white or black, the cats that girls love are unique to themselves, as is their relationship.

Most often, no one can take the place of their cats in their lives, but it does not mean that the girls cannot love others. It simply means that their cats have a special place in their heats that is only theirs–the cat’s.

You may be wondering why this is, and the truth is that cats have a unique way of communicating to them that warms the girl’s hearts over time. Every cat has its own personality and that adds to the relationship and the mystique of the cat. Most girls are not able to figure out their cats, completely, but they do try.

They relish in trying to figure out their cat and believe me when I say, the cat will let her know what he or she likes and what he or she does not like. The girl is usually more tolerant of the cat than the cat of her, but we will never know for sure. But her cat needs her and she feels that. Her cat waits patiently for her, and she feels that too. The cat shows affection in its way and she feels that too. That’s why the girls love their cats.

A picture expresses a 1000 words and below you will see pictures that express these very facts, of the beautiful relationship between the cats and the girls.

Almost 4 months ago I shared my series “Girls and Their Cats” on Bored Panda. It was so well-received by women who wanted to participate in the series, that I decided to make it an ongoing project on Instagram.

So far it’s been New York women only, but I would eventually like to expand to other cities and maybe even other countries. I’ve also started including the heartwarming adoption stories with each original post.
More info: Instagram

1. Sugar and Coco in Hell’s Kitchen. Sugar is a pianist and artistic director of ncpmusic and she adopted Coco over 4 years ago from a mobile adoption center in the city. (I kind of see a resemblance between them, do you?)

2. Sam and Charlie in Bushwick. Charlie and his brothers were rescued by @tinydarsky when she noticed someone giving the kittens away in a Dallas grocery store parking lot. Worried for their safety she had them flown out to NYC where she found them loving homes. (Notice how the girl lets her cats be on her shoulders while she is putting on her makeup. This is bonding time and them getting to spend some time together before she has to go out.)

3. Giuliana and Yoncé in Williamsburg. Giuliana found Yoncé when she was a kitten, alone and shivering at a coffee shop in the middle of winter. (Both her and the girl is flexible.)

4. Natalie and Tela in Bushwick. Natalie is a clothing designer and cat mom to 5 cats! She found Tela 11 years ago living under her old house in Savannah, and protected her from a cat-hating landlord. (Now they almost seem to have the same eyes or at least the same expression in their eyes–simply beautiful.)


5. Sugar and Coco in Hell’s Kitchen. Sugar is a pianist and artistic director of ncpmusic and she adopted Coco over 4 years ago from a mobile adoption center in the city. (See the cat can keep you company even when you are practicing your music or reading a book.)


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