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Bengal Cats Love Water

Bengal Cats Love Water

Most cats hate water, but not Bengal cats. Bengal cats really love water. Bengal cats are very curious cats who seem to love a lot of things. They certainly can entertain themselves, but they don’t like to be alone. They are very social cats. Bengal cats will want a lot more of your attention, than the average cat. Most of them, if introduced properly, would prefer to have other cats or pets in the house.

Splashing around in water is something very distaste-full, for most cats. Yet the Bengal cat will splash and play in the water all day if you let them. They love the water and they are not afraid of the water. With that said, they like to go in and out of the water on their own terms. Never throw a Bengal cat into the water. Instead, let him or her explore the water on his or her own terms. That is the way they like it.

The video below is about two Bengal cats, one named Kuma and the other named Elton. Kuma and Elton get totally wrapped up in playing in the water and having fun. When the shower comes on, that is when Kuma and Elton show their true Bengal colors. They try and catch the water. They don’t mind becoming drenched. They are enthralled with the shower and reach up trying to catch the water water splashing down at them.

Watch the video below. Please feel free to leave a comment. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment. Does your cat like water? Have you given your cat a bath?

By the way, most cats don’t need to have a bath, as they clean themselves. Notwithstanding, there is the odd cat that may benefit from an actual cat bath; suffice it to say, most cats keep themselves perfectly clean. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush your cats.

Some cats should be brushed daily, especially if they have long hair. You don’t want their cat fur to become matted. That can be dangerous for a cat, because the matted fur pulls on their skin and causes irritation. Also, fleas can harbor in the matted area, but that is another blog for another day.

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