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How can a cat have 3.2 million followers?

How can a ‘cat’ have 3.2 million followers?

Nala is a rescued cat who has over 3,200,000 people following her. (that’s not thousands, it’s millions) How can that be? How can a ‘cat’, a very plain ‘cat’ have over 3,000,000 followers? Here are the top 10 reasons I think this cat has so many followers:

Top 10 Reasons Nala Has Over Three Million Followers:

  1. Nala is an easy name to remember.
  2. Nala is an ordinary looking cat with amazing expressions
  3. Her owner knows how to take great pictures
  4. Her owner posts Nala’s cute pictures regularly on social media with eye catching shots.
  5. Nala is so cute and adorable
  6. Nala is a “cute and cuddly” cat
  7. Nala has the most beautiful, big expressive BLUE eyes
  8. Nala has the sweetest peach and black nose; she is absolutely peachy

“Hey baby, check out my new shades!”

“Ha ha, jaws!…… but I’m so cute and cozy”

“Hey buddy, d’you want something? I’m kinda busy here lick’n my paws”

“Peek a boo–I see you”

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What does your cat have to say about this?

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