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Does Your Cat Act More Like A Dog?

8 Signs Your Cat Acts More Like A Dog

1. He loves to go for his walks.

Which dog doesn’t like to go for walks? My cat Fraser-heart follows me around when I go for a walk. It’s really funny to see him walk with me up and down the block when I go for a walk. Some cats also love to go for walks. You can train your cat on a cat harness and leash him.

2. He’s a growly boy.

Cats can growl and when they do, they usually mean business. You don’t want to mess with a growling cat. They are just communicating their boundaries, and in my opinion, we should respect that. After all, isn’t it annoying when someone you know constantly oversteps your boundaries? It’s better that nobody gets hurt and everybody lives in peace.

3. He pants to cool himself down.

Dogs pant to cool themselves down, and so do cats. For cats it’s also a way for them to settle themselves down emotionally. Something may be going on that rattles them and they will pant. It can be a sign of stress.

4. He looks for things just like a dog.

In this video he says that the cat is stupid just like a dog, but I choose to say it he looks for things like a dog does. I believe cats and dogs are very intelligent creatures, a lot more than we give them credit for. Sometimes they are not 100% engaged and may miss where you threw the ball or whatever you are throwing, but in the end they find it, so give them a break!

5. He comes when he’s called. “come here boy”

My cat Fraser-heart comes to a cat whistle. Because Fraser-heart is an indoor/outdoor cat often times I don’t know where he is hiding out. So I whistle. Sometimes I may have to whistle for 5 minutes, but eventually he always comes. When this happens I pick up my 22 lb. cat and give him a big hug. I am so happy to see him.

6. He retrieves things.

Most cats will retrieve things that you throw for them, but they may not always bring it back to you. Cats are very funny in this way, a lot more independent than a cat, but they will definitely retrieve things.

7. He loves to fetch.

This cat in the video loves to fetch and bring back the toy. Fraser-heart sometimes will do this, but not all of the time.

8. He likes to be by your side.

This is the sweetest thing about some cats, they love to hang out with you. I have heard that not all cats are like this, depending on the breed, the situation and the relationship that you have or don’t have with your cat. But chances are, if you got your cat as a kitten, and raised him up in a good way, he will love to be with you. He will depend on you, look up to you, look for you and be with you as much as he can. They really are truly great pets.

Watch the video below to see the 8 signs that your cat behaves like a dog. Leave me a comment. Then click on the next button to watch 8 more signs. Leave a comment.


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