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Cat and Dolphin Love?

Cat And Dolphin Love?

This cat in this video is very affectionate toward a particular dolphin and the dolphin seems to really be interested in the cat. They have a moment together, well more than a moment, of bonding, interacting and just loving on one another.

Perhaps the cat hears sonar sounds that we don’t know about? For some reason there is a connection between the dolphin and the cat. Why anyone has their cat on board their boat, is another story all together, but this cat was on the boat and met a dolphin.

The cat and the dolphin share a beautiful moment together, as they interact with each other. The cat seems to initiate it and even calls the dolphin back, with his paws, saying, “come closer, don’t swim away”. It’s really very touching. Who knew that cats could be friends with dolphins?

……Well, the way dolphins are, perhaps they can be friends with anyone and any creature on the face of the planet. For that matter, perhaps dolphins are from another planet and are communicating on a plane that we just don’t know about….. Either way, they seem to like cats and want to be friends with this cat.




What does your cat have to say about this?

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