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Cat Stuck and Released By The Jaws Of Life

Cat Stuck Between Two Boulders & Released By Using The Jaws Of Life

A. Johnston, R.I., resident heard pitiful wails outdoors and resolved to find the source of the heartbreaking cries.  He didn’t know what it was but went on a search. He couldn’t just ignore that pitiful cry for help. Finally, the origin was located. He found a tiny white kitten trapped tightly between two construction boulders.

So, the resident called the Johnston Police Animal Control Officer. Erin Medeiros, was one of the first to arrive on the scene. He described the feline’s predicament as heart-wrenching to see and hear. He didn’t know for sure how they would rescue this kitten, but he was determined to rescue him right away.

“It was so sad,” Medeiros told The Johnston Patch []. “He’s a little trooper.”

Good Thing For The Jaws Of Life

The kitten, now dubbed “Soldier”, by rescuers, is believed to have been wedged between the boulders for two days. When it was realized that the kitten wouldn’t be released from his hold easily, it was determined that the rescue would require the use of the Jaws of Life, a hydraulic device intended to push the boulders apart.

“He was quiet when we did that,” Medeiros said. I think he knew he was finally going to be rescued.

As the temperatures rose to a whopping 97 degrees, members from the Johnston Fire Department arrived with the Jaws of Life. Taking turns stroking Soldier’s head to keep him calm, rescuers brainstormed the best way to use the apparatus in a fashion that would keep the kitten from harm.

“All the guys tried to figure out the best way to handle the situation and some guys got on one side, others got on the other side, so even if something cracked, we had multiple firefighters holding on,” Medeiros said.

Finally, without hesitation, rescuers were able to pry the boulders apart just enough for Medeiros to reach her hand in for a few seconds, and pull the kitten to safety.

“He was infested with fleas, he was dehydrated, but we got some fluids right away, gave him a bath, a flea dip, and everything he needed,” Medeiros said. “He’s doing very well.”

News got out and Animal Control already has a new home lined up for little Soldier. There were many people who would have taken him.

We’re thinking this is deserving of Rescue of the Year. Agreed? Yes, agreed. Watch the video below and leave a comment if you so wish.


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