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Cat Takes A Ride On A Wing And A Prayer

Cat Takes A Ride On A Wing And A Prayer

Brave kitty had no choice but to take a ride on an airplane wing. The pilot did not know that a cat was resting on his wing on his airplane, until a little bit later, after he took off into the skies. A little into the ride he and his partner see a cat hanging on the inside of the wing for dear life.

Good thing the cat instinctively knew not to jump. If he did, that would have been the end of him. Instead, he hangs on for dear life. If cats could pray, I’m sure he would. Not know what in the world was taking place, yet looking down more than 6000 feet, all the cat could do was hold on.

Once the pilot realized that the cat was there, he went down and landed his plane. He didn’t want to torture the cat longer than he needed to be there. Instead, he made a fast landing and the cat survived. They made it. The cat made it.

Immediately the pilot jumps out of his airplane to help the cat off of the wing. It looked like the cat was still hanging on for dear life, but when the pilot grabbed him, the cat quickly jumped down off of the plane onto land. I’m sure once on the ground, the cat was fine. Gook kitty!!!

Watch the video below to see the cat hanging on for dear life and leave a comment what you think.


What does your cat have to say about this?

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