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Cecil’s Pride Misses Him Dearly

Cecil’s Pride Misses Him

One thing not mentioned too often is how much Cecil’s pride misses him. Lions, like Cecil, have a tremendous amount of affection for the members in their own pride, including their cubs. Here is a photo that shows just how much affection was shown from Cecil toward one of his pride.





Photographer’s in 2014 were only 5 meters away from Cecil the Lion, when they took this video. Cecil looks as regal as ever. He was such a beautiful lion. I’m sure his pride misses him terribly. Cecil was there for his pride and was known to protect his pride and his cubs.

It still hurts that the world will never have Cecil in it again. He was such a beautiful lion, full of life and glory.

One thing to mention about Palmer, is that most of his patients are cancelling their appointments with him and finding another dentist. Perhaps he will not make enough money in the future to ever pay for a hunt again, weather that be a lion, or a bear or any other animal. I hope people like him have learned a lesson, that it is wrong to do this.

People like Palmer have to understand that this does not help the economy, like some people are suggesting. What helps the economy instead of trophy killing, is all the tourists, like the ones seen in this video, travelling to Zimbabwe to take tours to possibly see the lions, and specifically a beautiful lion as famous as Cecil.

And hopefully other people will see, that if you do hurt the lions, there will be consequences, like jail time and/or loss of business revenue and a smeared reputation. I’m sure Palmer did not bargain for that!

Watch the 2014 video below of how close the tourists got to Cecil The Lion. This reminds me of the deer that walk around the small town of Grand Forks, BC. They just walk right up in your front yard and run around the small town. Anyone can easily get close to them and take a picture.


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