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Check Out This Cat Show!

Have You Ever Been To A Cat Show?

Have you ever been to a cat show? I know I haven’t, but the video below will show you one as if you were there. Do you notice that there are a lot of different kinds of cats? Each one is so unique and beautiful in their own right. I don’t know where all of the different breeds of cats came from, but there is a lot of them.

What type of breed of cat do you like?┬áTo be honest, I love all of the breeds of cats. I may be biased, but it’s true. If I were really biased I would have to say I love the orange tabby cat, but if truth be told, I love the diversity of cats. Each cat breed has their own wonderful features.

My Cat Named Ruffles

I used to have a Russian Blue cat named Ruffles and he was a beauty. One day he disappeared and I never knew what happened to him. I still miss that cat. One thing I loved about Ruffles is that he did not shed very much, if at all. He was a lean cat that looked smaller than he weighed. When I picked him up he seemed to weigh a lot more than he looked. I loved his soft fur and his purr. I sure wish Ruffles was here, but it’s been a long time. He will of course always have a place in my heart.

My Cat Named Lacey

A few years back, I rescued a black and white cat, a tuxedo cat, that I named Lacy. I loved Lacy with all of my heart. I rescued her from neglect and abandonment and took her into my home. Fraser-heart, who is my orange tabby cat, liked Lacy right away. I was surprised about that. He accepted her from day one.

A couple of months later I knew Lacey was not acting normal. I took her to the vet. The vet took blood tests and phoned me back a few days later that everything checked out OK. I was very happy about that, except that Lacey’s behavior was still off. I just instinctively knew something was wrong. I took her to the vet again and they said she looked OK; they sent me home with her.

A week later she was very noticeably sick and I took her to the vet. They tried to save her, but she died. Then they gave me a huge bill for all of their “trouble”. I could barely look at them. To me they had let me down. They did not catch what Lacey had and in my mind, it was their fault that she died, not to mention giving me a huge bill at the end of it all.

Sorry about the share, but that is what had happened and I’ve put it in the back of my mind. Even though I only knew Lacey for about three months, I loved her with all of my heart.

Here is a video of the cat show, and on the next page, if you would like, you can see some pictures of beautiful Lacey.

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What does your cat have to say about this?

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