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Cats Don’t Sleep At Night? See What They Do Instead

Cats Don’t Sleep At Night; See What They Do Instead

Ever wonder what your cats do at night while you are sleeping? While you are snuggled comfortably in your bed, your cats are being ninja turtles all night long. They are keeping quite busy doing cat things that cats do. They seem to really like to amuse themselves. They seem to enjoy getting into a bit of mischief, rattling paper and knocking things down.

Watch this video below and see what cats do in the night……


When things go bump in the night … chances are it’s just your cat, causing some nighttime hijinks.

This new video from YouTube cats Cole and Marmalade spoofs the setup of Paranormal Activity by using a camera to capture the shenanigans that cats get into every night. From spooky glowing eyes, to objects mysteriously falling, to high-pitched yowls — if you have a cat, you basically also have a poltergeist.

Cole and Marmalade’s owners write on the video that “this footage was recorded over a couple of weeks, letting the camera film for around two hours until the battery died each night … It’s always fun to upload the footage the following morning and see what they got up to.”


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