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Do Cats Really Smile?

Do Cats Really Smile?


Cats have a range of emotions, just like humans do. As you have probably already know, your cat is really good at communicating with you what he or she wants. Many cat owners say that their cats have trained them quite well, even better than they have trained their cats.

You know when the cat is hungry, when she wants to be pet and when she is tired. You know when your cat wants to go outside, or into another room. Your cat will let you know when she wants to be left alone and when she wants to play. There is nothing more sweet, when a cat lies on her back and asks you to pet her tummy, putting her whole trust in you.

So it stands to reason, that when your cat is happy, she can smile. She purrs. She walks upright or she just snuggles with you and is content. If you look at her face, you may see her smiling. You will feel her smiling. You will see her eyes dancing. She is in fact letting you know that she feels great. That’s what cats like to do the most, is to feel purr-fect. They love feeling great. They love feeling happy and content.

If you treat you cat with love and respect, feeding her at the right time, grooming her properly and taking her to the vet when needed, your cat will bring positive energy into your room and into your life for years to come. She will show you on numerous occasions how happy she is and yes, she will smile for you.

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