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Fun Things Cats Love To Do In The Bathroom

Fun Things Cats Love To Do In The Bathroom

It’s hilarious all of the fun things cats can do in the bathroom. They can have a regular cat work out in the bathroom. There’s a lot to do from playing with toilet paper rolls, getting toilet paper all over the bathroom and house for that matter, or litterally climbing up the bathroom robe.

Cole & Marmalade

It’s fun when you know your cats are having fun playing with things that they are allowed to play with, things that amuse them and yourself and yet are a little outside the box. Some cats, for instance, love water. Others don’t! Some cats will make a nuisance from the toilet paper roll and some won’t. Some cats love to be in the bathroom while you are having a shower, to get the humidity in the air, while other cats absolutely hate that. Every cat is an individual, so you must treat them as so.

Watch the video below to find out all the fun things that these cats like to do in the bathroom




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