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Funniest Cat Video Ever-Over 50,000,000 Views

Funniest Cat Video Ever

There is a reason that over 52 million of people have watched this funniest compilation of cats video ever. It is both touching and funny at the same time.

There is a part where the cats are skipping, jumping, playing and just goofing around. There is a part where the cats are hissing to other people and to other cats. Another part is cats swiping at big dogs and growling back at them. A lot of it is just that the cats are so cute.

Below are a few pictures of cats in this video.


tickle, tickle, tickle


funny cats3



ZZZZZzzzzzz xoxxoxxoxx

What is amazing to me is that this video has been watched by over 52,000,000 people, 52,790,902 to be exact. If you watch it, it will be 52,790,903 and counting. To me that is incredible. There are not that many videos out there that have been watched by over 50 million people and to me that says something.

Here is are the top 10 things that this video on cats says to me:

1. people love cats

2. people find cats funny

3. people love funny things and love to laugh

4. people like good-hearted things, like funny cats

5. cats are intriguing and interesting, so that is why people watch them

6. cats seem to outsmart dogs, even when they are smaller than dogs, which people find funny

7. cats are mysterious, and that is why we watch them

8. cats are crazy sometimes

9. cats are unpredictable, and that is why we find them funny

10. cats can win your heart.

Watch the video below and get counted to be the next person to watch this 50 million + watched video. Leave your comment on what you thought was the funniest and why you watched it. It’s interesting to see the psychology behind why we as people have such a fascination of cats.


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