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Happy Valencat’s Day!

Happy Valencat’s Day!

Awe, so sweet; Do you want to dance? Or would you like to snuggle? How about you just chase me around the house? Or, better yet, why don’t you just pick me up and carry me around the room? Let me look outside the windows with you. I don’t have much to do. I can just lie around here with you, and just listen to what you have to say. Perhaps you can give me a snack. I like the tuna flavored cat food. Don’t give me that liver stuff; I really can’t stand the smell.

You said you would give me a treat today. Meow to that. I love treats. Why don’t you get some more of those little cat treats that shake in the bag. I love to listen to the rattle rattle rattle of the bag. That is half of the fun, and then I come running. I could eat the whole bag if you would let me, but that does make me a little lazy.

My cat friend from down the block, that lean Siamese boy down the block, said I was looking a little fat. Could you imaging him saying such a thing? I told him he would not be my Valentine. I do love those tasty cat treats. So I decided that I would do a little more exercise than usual. Instead of sleeping for 13 hours a day, I will only lie around for 12. I really think this extra hour of roaming around the house will make the difference.

I don’t like every cat that comes my way. For example, I was wanting to make an impression on my Siamese buddy, but he is not interested. All he does is ignore me, which is worse than fighting. But it doesn’t really matter because I have you. If I have not told you lately, “I LOVE YOU”. I know I don’t say that too often because I kinda think you know already, but sometimes I really need to spell it out. “I LOVE YOU”.

Please receive my love. Please continue to treat me well. You must know by now the one thing I hate is for you, or for anybody for that matter, to ignore me. Cats like me don’t like to be ignored. If you haven’t already figured this out, I always greet you first when you come home. I expect you to greet me too. After all, this is what cat friends do. So Happy Valentine’s Day.

Watch the video below and you will get some Valencat’s Love from these cats. I am in here somewhere. Please leave a message down below. Send me some love. OK?




What does your cat have to say about this?

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