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How To Introduce A New Bengal To Two Cats

How To Introduce A New Bengal To Two Cats

Chatsi is a 6 months Bengal boy who was abandoned and unwanted. He was dropped off at the local shelter and many people wanted him, but the rescue shelter made sure he was given to a good home where Chatsi would be treated properly, happy and well looked after.

Chatsi had to be introduced to two other cats, one named Teego and another female named Freya. This is a video series on the proper way to introduce a new Bengal cat to the household. This video series is also very interesting, describing various cat behaviors.

As you watch all of the eight videos, you get to really understand the dynamics between all of the three cats in the household. Will Teego and Freya accept Chatsi? How will they all get along?

It is very imperative that they introduce Chatsi properly to Teego and Freya. If they don’t do that, they run the risk of Chatsi never being accepted in the house. Many times one or more of the cats will completely reject a new cat coming into the house which means all sorts of bad behaviors can erupt.

Some of the behaviors that can happen, is that your other cats will reject you as the owner. The other cat will no longer sit on your lap or even let you pick him or her up. Or, there can be fighting among themselves, even to the point of very dangerous finghting, whereby one or more of the cats get hurt. Then you have to take them to the vet and get a big vet bill and put them on antibiotics. That is not fun either.

The following eight videos are very interesting in and of themselves. The narrator seems very knowledgeable about cats, which makes the narrative interesting to listen to.

Watch all eight of the videos, or just one and come back later to watch the rest. Scroll down and leave a comment on what you think of each episode. Personally, I really enjoyed watching them. They were interesting, informative and entertaining at the same time. I liked the way Chatsi, being a kitten, is so bratty toward the other cats. He’s a sweet-heart, and in my opinion, the people are very fortunate to have gotten him from the animal shelter.

Freya, Teego and Chatsi

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