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Is Your Cat Really Attached To You?

Does Your Cat Really Love You?

Yes, I believe they really do. Below is a video about the subject asking questions about how attached are cats to their owners? I believe that cats are really attached to their owners.

They are asking the question does the cat love his owner because of love, or because he provides cat food for him? I truly believe it is a bit of both, but mostly because of the bond that takes place over time. I believe cats love relationship. That has been my experience.

Cats will be in relationship with everybody in the house, including any other living thing, like a dog. You will see that the cat will have different types of relationship with each person. In this video, when a stranger came to the house, the cat completely ignored him.

Cats are territorial and they bond with people in the house. They know who feeds them, who loves them, who cleans up after them, and who annoys them. Ever ask yourself why a cat will go and sit on somebody’s lap, but not on somebody else? The cat instinctively knows who he or she wants to befriend.

Cats are amazing creatures. They will give you a lot of affection if you have a relationship with them. That means to greet them, pet them and talk to them. Most cats like to be included in the family by having a place for them to sit, like a window perch.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think.



What does your cat have to say about this?

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