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Frozen Kitten Nearly Dead Gets Rescued

Frozen Kitten, Now Named Lazarus, Raised From The Dead

This is a true story about a kitten that was left outside all alone at night where it snowed over one foot. The poor little kitten was trapped outside in the freezing cold snow. He was so cold and shivering, he did not know what to do. This kitten slowly almost froze to death, in the night, alone, freezing, cold and utterly helpless.

There was no hope in sight for this kitten, and with no choice of his own, he succumbed to his frozen plight and lay there frozen in the snow.

In the morning, a little kid tripped over something and noticed it was not a snowball; it was a kitten frozen in the snow. With not even a meow, the kitten lay helpless at the hands of the man who picked him up.

The boy’s uncle, who had a little bit of vet training, picked up the tiny kitten and began working on him for over an hour. Thinking the kitten was dead, he helplessly went outside with his children, just to get his mind off the dead kitten.

When he and his children came back inside the house, a miracle had taken place. The kitten came back to life. He was saved. He was alive. Everyone was rejoicing. The kids were happy. Everyone was ecstatic. The cat was alive.

Watch the video below to see this miraculous awakening from the frozen dead to an alive cat. It is a heart-warming story with a happy ending, for anyone who loves happy endings.

It must have been the grace of God for this cat to be found and restored back to life. Watch the video below and please feel free to leave your comments, about what you think, at the end of this page.

It’s always great to hear from you.

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