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Local Man Converts His House To Cat House

Local Man Converts His House To Cat House

Cats love to climb things and in hide in little cubicles. There is nothing better for a cat than to sit somewhere safely up high, where he can get a view of what is going on around him. Cats love to be able to jump from one apparatus to another and just have fun.

Below is a video of a man who has converted his house for his cats to have a great time climbing, jumping, sitting up high and just being cats. His cat house is also very beautiful too. You can tell that this man loves cats and wants his cats to have a place where they could be happy and be able to do what cats love to do best, which is to climb things.

This video can give you some ideas of how to spruce up one or two walls of your house, for your cats. It looks relatively easy to put shelf like stairs up on the side of one wall with a place for the cats to sit on the upper shelf. This idea looks like anybody can do it and would be very fun for your cats. Perhaps you have one wall in your house that you can put cat stairs on, for the love of your cat(s).

The house below in the video, is an extravagant cat house, that I am not saying to convert your house into, but it may give you a few simple ideas that may work for you, your cats and your house. Watch the video and leave a few comments, if anything comes to your mind.





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