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Mog’s Nightmarish Christmas Eve

Mog’s Nightmarish Christmas Eve

Mog inadvertently saves the day, that is Christmas Day, which could have been disastrous. This is a funny video of everything Mog goes through on her nightmarish night.

In the morning, Mog’s house is a complete mess, and she was partly responsible for it. Yet, if it wasn’t for her, the house would be in complete shambles, burned to a crisp. And who knows if everyone would have made it out alive. Mog truly is a hero.

Perhaps in your own life, you too have inadvertently saved the day, even from a disastrous mess? If that has happened to you, please leave a comment and share with me what happened. I would be most interested to hear all about it.

Often times we think we are the cause of something terrible, yet really, we are the cause of something great. Well at least greater than what would have happened, or what could have happened, if we didn’t intervene.

In Mog’s case, all of the neighbors think that she is a hero, or is it heroine; and Mog is of course. She helps everyone have a happy Christmas, full of everything great, especially when the neighbors come together and help out. Truly a lovely Christmas ending.

Click on the video below and watch Mog’s nightmarish Christmas turn into something positive.


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