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Ninja Cat Entertains–Funny Viral Vid

Ninja Cat Entertains Himself–Funny Viral Video

Ever have a day where you simply just had to find something to entertain yourself? This cat was wondering around the house, by himself, with nothing much to do. He wished he had a friend with him in the house or that the owners would come home soon, so he could get some snuggles.

But then, he had an idea, what if he smacked that white thing that went round and round and round. Maybe he could make that thing go around really fast and figure out how it works. So he just started doing that!

He swiped at it once; he swiped at it again. It went this way, then it went that way.

If he swiped at it a certain way, it would go faster and faster. That was neat. He figured it out. It was totally entertaining to him and he was happy that he found this toy.

This cat thought to himself, “Who knows when this would really come in handy with some other cats down the block?” The last time he was outside, one of the bigger cats took a big swipe at him and he was caught unprepared. ┬áHe got knocked down!

“So now, not so fast, buddy.” He’s practicing how to swipe back, real ninja style, and he will not be caught unawares again!!!

This Ninja cat truly is a ninja cat. He has the moves of a master ninja for sure. See how fast he boxes the garbage can lid and watches when to come in for another swipe.




What does your cat have to say about this?

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