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Silly Billy Willy Cats–Funny Cat Video

Silly Billy Willy Cats–Funny Cat Video

Cats do the craziest things. Here are some really funny cats that are also adorably cute at the same time.

One of them rushes into the house and does a somersault. One is balancing a cue tip on his nose and seems to not know what to do with it except to stare at it as if to say, “who knows what” that is what is funny about it.

Another cat has his tongue sticking out, which is really funny and one is walking like a human to the supper table. Don’t forget about the cat that prays. Maybe he can say a prayer for you and is taking prayer requests.

This video is simply adorably cute. The cuteness and funny factor are high, high high.

Watch the video below and be enthralled.



What does your cat have to say about this?

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