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Six Signs Your Cat Loves You

Six Signs Your Cat Loves You

Here are 6 signs that your cat really loves you:

1. Your cat will drool all over you.

If you feel something a bit wet on your arm or on your face, depending if you are laying down, chances are it is your cat’s affectionate way of being close to you. He or she is drooling. Oh well, when you love your cat that doesn’t seem to bother many cat owners. They just laugh it off and are mostly amused at their cat.

2. They watch your favorite show on TV with you.

Even if nobody you know wants to watch whatever you are watching on TV, chances are your cat will want to watch it with you. He doesn’t care if he likes it or not, as long as you like it. He will be your buddy, when all others will never sit down and watch that show with you. Oh well, some cat owners prefer the company of their cat watching TV with them, more than their relatives. The reason for this is the cat doesn’t have annoying comments or constantly ask to change the channel.

3. They bring you their favorite gifts.

Ever wonder what that thing was that the cat dragged in? Well, it’s half of a rat with the tail and the head chewed off. But here is your kitty bringing you his prize. Isn’t that nice of him? Your cat is showing his affection to you by bringing his favorite gift. He doesn’t know that you absolutely hate cut off heads and tails rats, but to your cat, he thinks it’s the bomb!

4. They want to be with you all of the time.

You’ve got an important meeting to get ready for, oh well says the cat. He or she just wants to be with you. He will climb on your counters while you are trying to get ready and stay in the room with you while you put on your nice clean suite. Then, just as you are about to leave, he or she will rub his hair all over your black pant legs. No problem, all you have to do is use the lint roller and brush it off. It’s your cat giving you his blessing before the big meeting.

5. They hate it when you leave the house.

Your cat prefers it when you are home. Once you leave the house, he or she waits for you all day long. He’s a bit undone that you are gone. He likes routine and knows that you will be back. Just don’t move the kitty litter or his food dish before you go. Your cat likes everything to be just like you left it, and he won’t change a thing either.

6. They love to greet you when you come home.

When your cat loves you, he or she will love to greet you when you come home. That is one of the best thing about cats. They will not let you do anything until you properly greet them and say hello. They make that a priority and it is really endearing. This is a great time to express you love and your joy for your cat that you can see him or her again, eve if is only 25 minutes that has gone by. Cats will love to greet you every time you leave and come back.

So watch the video below to see if your cat has any or all of the same behaviors. Leave a comment letting me know how your cat tells you that you are the bomb!



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