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Skydiving Cats–Is This Fair?

Is It Fair To Throw Your Cat Out Of A Plane With A Parachute?

Even the idea of throwing cats out of a plane 20,000 feet from up in the air, is a disturbing thought. They insisted that the cats had a parachute, so they could glide down safely. This was not the case.

Watch the video below to find out what happens to the cat that went parachuting. One thing that I wanted to add, is that people who love cats treat them very well, and that is all good and fine. There are a few people, however, who don’t understand cats, nor do they like cats. These people should just stay far away from cats and have nothing to do with them. Yet, these very same people, who claim they don’t like cats, try to do stupid things with them, like get them to parachute.

I think if a person doesn’t like cats so much, just don’t have anything to do with them. Stay far away and don’t even think about getting a cat, or doing anything to a cat. Cats are much better off without this kind of person with that negative attitude.

I would rather see a cat well taken care of and loved. After all, this is what this site is all about, cats to love.

Watch the video below and please scroll down to the bottom and tell me what you think.


I know that once you watched the video, you found out the truth, that the cat really did not go sky diving. Well thank goodness!!! Yet, even giving people the idea of such a thing, is still a little disturbing. You never know who is out there that will watch something like this and actually do it. That is what I don’t like about these types of videos. I want all cats to be safe, and especially free from disturbed people who might actually do such a thing.



What does your cat have to say about this?

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