One of the cultural laws of the Internet is that it is bursting at the seams with adorable cats: bed-stealing cats, OITNB cats, and black-footed cats, among others.  However, it’s not that often that cats come along who are truly memorable.  Unique.  Special.

…OK, sorry, I know it sounds like I’m describing the LEGO movie with cats or something.  But Venus the chimera cat could, honestly, look right at home in a sci-fi movie dreamed up by Spielberg or James Cameron.  She has one-of-a-kind coloring: half her face is black, while the other is orange.  What makes it even better is that she has heterochromia: one eye is green and the other is blue.

According to her Facebook page, which has more than 170,000 likes, Venus started life as a stray in North Carolina.  Her animal-loving owner took her in because she looked like a cross between the two cats the owner already cared for.  Although most of the pictures posted on the page are just for kicks, some of them contain some social activism: Venus and her owner have called for greater awareness of the USA’s animal overpopulation issue and the sad necessity of kill shelters. Alexandra says, “personally I hate the word ‘kill shelters’. To me there is no such thing. The cat may fair better outside than in a ‘kill shelter’. ”