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Vincent Gets A Second Chance In Life

Vincent Gets A Second Chance In Life

Vincent was born without back legs. He has gotten a new chance on life by getting prosthetic legs. He has had to have the prosthetic legs actually attach right into his bones. This was to be able to adhere the prosthetic legs to his femurs.

This was a complicated surgery, but it was successful. The vets said in the video that they have actually refined this technique so that if another cat needed this surgery, going forward, it can be done.

In Vincent’s case, his surgery was a breakthrough surgery. It is very rare for a cat to have this done. There are only 25 cats in the world who have prosthetic legs. A few years ago this would not have been possible, as the technology was just not there. So that is why this surgery is a breakthrough. The doctors took a chance doing this surgery, with Vincent, and adhered the prosthetic legs right into his tibia. The implants were inserted right into his femurs.

Most people would have just put the cat down, but Vincent got a second chance in life. Thanks to the veterinarian who made this breakthrough surgery, Vincent can now walk. This whole situation is very unique, but it is working. The implants are stable and Vincent is happy.

Vincent can walk. This is amazing. Without the implants, Vincent was developing sores and was in a lot of pain. It has taken Vincent a bit of time to get use to his implants, but he is gaining ground day by day.

Soon he will get longer implants, but for now he is at the step of learning how to walk with the implants that he’s got. When he is ready, and not a day before, he will move on to his next challenge, which will be longer implants. “Go Vincent — Go!!!”

Just as an added thought about disabilities in general, it finally looks like new thoughts and ideas are in the world surrounding this subject. There appears to be more support for giving disabled animals a chance. In my opinion, this is helping the whole cause about people with disabilities having equal opportunities and rights, just as people with no disabilities have.

Just because a person or a pet has a disability, and needs a bit more special care, I believe every creature in the world should be able to get the help and attention that he or she needs. I think more money spent on helping this cause, is worth every penny. It’s humane and it just feels like it is the right thing to do.

Why should anyone, or any creature, who has a disability have to suffer more because of it. Helping cats and other animals with disabilities helps remove the overall stigma to anyone who has a disability. And as this video proves, the best part of having a disability, is that in most cases, IT can be overcome!!!

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