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Watch This Cat Play His Favorite Game–Soccer

Watch This Cat Play His Favorite Game Football

Some cats are very social. This cat on this video, named Sissi, figured out how to be social and play football, which a lot of us know as soccer, with his owner. Sissi seams to really enjoy the game, and be good at it.

That’s what I like about cats; they like to play and they like to have fun. Most cats really do want to connect with their owners, especially if they find an affinity toward them.

Cats love to play and they need play. It’s important to play with your cats. This guy found a way to play with his cat, named Sissi, that they both seem to enjoy. Sissi seams to be really into it. She catches the ball many times. She goes for it. It’s not that easy, but she find a way.

I think they both are enjoying their relationship. Yes, that is right; you can have an actual relationship with your cat, meaning interacting together even in a type of game. That is one of the reasons there are so many cat toys on the market.

Not all cats like every toy and every game. I’m sure not many cats, for example, would play soccer like Sissi does. Nonetheless, if you do a little experimenting, you can find some toy that your cat will really like, and that you can play with and interact with your cat. It’s good for you and it’s good for your cat!

Watch the video below and see Sissi catching the ball and playing soccer. Also, scroll down to the end of the video and please leave me a comment about what you think. What type of toys does your cat like? Does your cat like playing soccer like Sissi does?

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