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Watch Friendly Cats Great At Stealing Stuff-Funny

Did You Know That Cats Can Open Fridges?

This video is amazing to watch because it shows how great cats are at problem solving, so that they can get what they want. Do you ever wonder what a cat is doing while you are away from home? Well, he or she might be getting into things so that they can have them, whether that be socks hanging from a clothes line or ice-cream.

In this video, one of the cats steals a toast from a toaster. I bet this cat is disappointed with that, because most cats don’t care that much for dry toast.

cat with bread edited


Another cat is stealing a doggie biscuit. I was wondering why she was stealing a dog biscuit and in the video we find out. She steals it to give to the dog. What a nice cat, actually thinking of her friend the dog. I think that is amazing.

cat treat edited

I did not think that cats can open fridges, but in this video, there are a couple of cats that open the fridges by themselves. My cat named Fraser-heart never did this, but he did seem to have a collection of toys that I wondered how he got them, and where he got them from.

Watch the video below to find out some of the ways these cats steal things. Basically, it seems to me, that they just want to be part of what is going on. If someone is eating something, some of the cats are like, “hey, let me have a lick.” I can’t blame them for that. Of course I am glad that the girl in the video did not give her cat a bite of her chocolate cake, but I think it’s ok for the cat to have a lick or two of ice-cream.

Watch the video below and write a comment if your cat has ever taken anything. It is cute to know about these stories. Please leave a comment and share. “good kitty”.



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