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Will I Find Somebody To Love Me?

Will I Find Somebody To Love Me?

Below is a picture of a cute kitten, asking the question that all cats ask.

kitten to love me

Every cat deserves love. That is what this site is all about, called “Cats To Love”. ¬†When I look at this most adorable picture of this kitten, the answer of course is “Yes. Of course you will find someone who loves you and who will take great care of you”. That is my hope for all cats and all kittens in the world. Every cat deserves love. Every person deserves love, for that matter too.

So the abounding answer to this question, “Will I find somebody to love me?” is “YES!”. You will absolutely find somebody to love you. And when you do find that somebody who loves you, if you were a smart kitty, you would let that somebody love you.


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